Our vision and mission here at My BareNaked Face is to assist and uplift women as they discover, acknowledge, and learn to honor their vulnerabilities rather than avoid them or hide them away. That process is not an easy one. It requires spending some time in our pain.

Our insecurities are born from our fears, and in order to remove the toxicity that our insecurities bring into our lives and into our relationships, we have to figure out what it is that we’re so afraid of. We have to take the power away from our negative beliefs by acknowledging and exposing what they are, and then immediately replacing them with positive truths.

One of the most important themes of the My BareNaked Face platform is finding truth.

In order to do that, each person must understand what truth feels like. Each person must learn to recognize that feeling in his or her relationship with himself or herself, and almost as importantly, use it to recognize the lies. If you read and listen carefully to the content found here, you may notice patterns of pain that maybe feel a little too familiar – pain caused by a bottom line negative belief that we are not enough. This belief is false, and we want to not only expose it for the lie that it is, but realize just how long and how often it has been speaking to us.

Our interviews are conducted only after a brief explanation of our platform, giving each person room to use their voice candidly. We do our best to give women the opportunity to share their truths, and this in turn gives relatable beliefs the chance to be spoken and heard.

As a note, because of this brand, you will find elements of religious or spiritual backgrounds, social beliefs, and cultural opinions in each interview. In order to maintain our brand of authenticity, we do not remove these elements. Emotions also make an appearance quite often as we sit and discuss vulnerabilities in these interviews, and we always give them a moment to speak their truth as well, in the name of authenticity.

We keep it as raw and candid as possible, and audience members will feel the power that comes from that. We ask our audience members to be uplifting and respectful of the people who have trusted us with some of their most vulnerable moments. We want to learn to honor our trials and find strength in vulnerability and relatability as we increase our compassion for others. We can learn true compassion for ourselves as we feel it for those around us.

Together, let’s attempt to better understand the value of people – of each person – and then not hesitate to apply those truths to our relationship with ourselves. Remember through this process that positivity is not the absence of negativity; it exists only as an opposing force of negativity. This means that the purest positive energy is created not by ignoring the existence of the negative, but by acknowledging it.

So let’s hold hands and acknowledge it together.

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